Pasture Raised Meats

At Irish Oaks Ranch, it all starts with the soil!  By using holistic range management practices, we keep really good soil.  And from that good soil grows really good grass.  And of course that good grass feeds healthy and happy animals.  The grass is filled with many healthy nutrients but most notably leads to our animals that produce meat that is high in Omega Fatty Acids.

Our meat is sold as CSA (community supported agriculture) shares.  We find the CSA method works the best, because it educates our customers and allows them to take an active ownership in the food they eat.  Our CSA meat animals include: Steers, hogs, meat goats, meat chickens & turkeys.  Click on the links below to find out more information or read the meats info sheet.  Questions?  Contact us

Oh Yeah!!! We also have the best eggs at great prices.


naturally raised beef

Good grass equals Good beef.  But grass is only part of what makes the beef so good... We receive our Angus steers from local ranches that we have worked with for years.  These steers are kept on their mothers milk for as long as possible which gives them the healthiest start.  After they are weaned they are moved to our property where they continue to lead a healthy and stress free life.  All of our beef is aged 21+ days.


Happy hogs

Our hogs are purchased as piglets from a local breeder who has been in the business for 65 years.  Genetics are everything when it comes to raising top quality pork and our breeder has won numerous awards top animals.  Our hogs are free to roam, root, and play in the mud and sun.


Free range poultry

We raise both meat chickens and turkeys.  For our chickens, we use a mobile chicken tractor.  This tractor is there to protect these meaty birds from predators.  The tractor is moved twice a day to new ground so the birds can eat fresh sprouts and bugs.  Our customers get the choice of sending their birds to the butcher or joining us to process the birds.  To ensure excellent results, we only raise these birds in the spring &summer.