Today I got to finally "Get After It"...

Woke up this morning to a beautiful and quickly warming day.  It actually felt good to meet the day with a clear head as I joined the family in doing chores in the crisp and refreshing air.  Dropped the kids at school and headed to the gym.  I decided it would be best to work out on an empty stomach, and I'm glad I did.

The trainer at the gym today was a younger mother of two who had her kids in tow.  I figured this was going to be an easy workout just based on my assumption of what I thought of the trainer... I was wrong.  The warmup was a never ending cycle of punches, kicks, squats, and shadow boxing.  By eight minutes into this, I was wondering if this was the warmup or the workout.  We took a quick break to put on gloves and grab weights.  I kinda giggled inside as we all grabbed 5 pound dumbbells.  I was thinking, "this can't be that hard if we're only using 5 pound weights!".  

heavy bag.jpg

We paired up with a partner and took turns alternating between heavy bag work and dumbbell work for 10 - one minute rounds.  The heavy bag work consisted of punches, kicks and knees.  Two of the rounds we speed punched the bag four times then hit the floor in a sprawl then jumped back to our feet - that was a butt kicker!.  The dumbbell workout consisted of doing punches with the dumbbells which really worked the shoulders.

By this time, the sweat was really flowing and I was feeling pretty good.  We then all took our cute dumbbells and joined in a seated circle.  I was quickly going to learn the torture that could be dealt by our trainer.  This was the ab workout...  For ten long one minute rounds, we repeated exercises of boxing situps, Russian twists, planks, and side planks.  It hurt!

I returned home to a warm day of chores to do.  Working on the fence, repairing the tractor, and moving some hay.  Needless to say, the sweat continued to flow.


The diet today was another beautiful garden salad with goat cheese for lunch.  Afternoon snack of homemade pickled eggs.  Dinner was sweet potato and green beans.  Drink of the day was lots and lots of water to replace my sweat.  I did treat myself to a couple glasses of homemade Kombucha which was very refreshing.

Thanks for reading.  See you tomorrow.