First off, thanks to all of you who wished me well on this adventure.  It means a lot.

This morning I woke with somewhat of a fuzzy head from the night before's binge of bad food and beer.  Even though I wasn't 100%, I was still ready to tackle the day and Get After It!  

Today was the assessment day of my gym's 6 week bootcamp.  I know, I know... another fitness bootcamp.  How hard could it be?  This gym is "The Pit North".  The Pit MMA gyms have trained some pretty legit fighters such as Chuck Liddell, Tim Kennedy, etc, etc.  They pride themselves on hard workouts that result in sweat, spit, puke, and blood.  We shall see if I can hang...


We started out with some pretty decent warmup exercises:  jumping jacks, punches, kicks, and stretches.  I was pulled aside by the staff for my physical assessment while the rest of the group continued on in what they call "CrossPit".  From what I could see, Crosspit look to be a combination of body weight exercises with MMA drills mixed in.  I look forward to doing that tomorrow.

The physical assessment was pretty straight forward and consisted of taking my weight, measurements, and performing 4 exercises.  The exercise portion consisted of doing max reps of certain exercises within a minute.  The exercises were pushups, sit ups, deep squats, and burpees.  The assessment told me what I already knew... I was out of shape!  There was pretty awesome thing that came from this assessment - seeing my wife kick butt!  Melissa decided to do the bootcamp with me and she amazed me with her energy.  I had never seen her like that.

After the assessment, Melissa and I decided to continue the calorie burn by taking a short hike around Atascadero Lake.  The day was off to a beautiful start.


As for the food, lunch was a wonderful fresh garden salad with grass fed beef toped with goat cheese!  Dinner was an omelette made with fresh eggs, bacon, and veggies.  Yum!  No beer and lots of water.

All and all, Day one was a success and in the books.  With a little discipline and hard work, I think I can do this