Free Range Poultry


Updated May 2018

All of our meat chickens, egg layers, and turkeys are 100% free range.  They are also free of any antibiotics and hormones.  Every morning the birds are let out to run the property and eat bugs and sprouts.  They are supplemented with grain, sprouted grain (fodder), and a locally milled growing blend of grains.  This is the perfect formula for a healthy and happy bird.

Because of regulations, all of our meat chickens and turkeys are taken to a USDA inspected butcher.  The birds are harvested, packed in a high quality packaging, and frozen for delivery.  

The meat chickens will be available in mid August and Turkeys will be ready mid November.  

We grow the poultry to the customer’s specifications, so weights and price will vary, but they average in price from $6-8/lb.